Bay Area Goes Wild with Stacked Warriors Team

The NBA and the basketball world was shaken just last week, as the Golden State Warriors announced the acquisition of all-star player Kevin Durant. Durant, whose contract ended with the Oklahoma City Thunder, will be moving to the Golden State Warriors, the same team to break OKC’s heart in the Western Conference Finals just two months ago. The news has shocked many, considering the Warriors’ already dynamic roster. With Durant in the lineups now Golden State will surely become a powerhouse team in the coming seasons.

In the past two seasons the Golden State Warriors have won 140 games which includes a record breaking 73 wins last season. However despite their near-perfect season, the Warriors fell short of the glory, losing the NBA championship to the Cleveland Cavaliers after leading the series 3-1. Lebron James came out strong in the final three games of the championship series, helping the Cavs win the series 3-4. Already a powerhouse team with players of the likes of Clay Thompson, Draymond Green, and of course NBA MVP Stephen Curry, it seems as if though the Warriors are vowing to never lose a championship again, best illustrated by their new acquisition of Kevin Durant.

Already one of basketball’s top four players right now, Durant will arguably be joining the game’s best player Stephen Curry. So what are the implications of such a move? For starters, Curry’s career high 30.1 points may see a drop, as well as Durant’s. Both players will now be forced to move the ball around a bit more, slightly decreasing the individual aspects of their game. Durant especially will face more passing than he’s ever been used to, with three other offensive threats on the Warriors’ starting line.

However, Durant and his new teammates will surely not impede on one another’s game. Instead, the players are sure to compliment each other quite nicely. With so many offensive threats on the team, defenses will most likely be spending a lot of time marking one of the four players, leaving the others to have breakout games. Another aspect to look forward to will be the team’s almost artful passing, carving out defenses to create scoring opportunities for each other. So although each will have to play slightly more judiciously, each will have plenty of more opportunities on the court. Durant’s move will surely signal a different dynamic for the Warriors, but it should be a better one regardless comments Monte Poole of CSN.

Golden State were the immediate championship favorites for the 2016-2017 season before the Durant trade. However Durant’s new signing will propel them to new heights as a championship favorite. If the Warriors were to lose next season, it would undoubtedly be a flop in the basketball world.